Feb 24, 2010

Disney vs. Hitler - Amanda Bonaiuto

Disney's use of propaganda in animations was an effective way to provide insight to the historical context of the 40's. It also offers a general perspective of an American animation during Hitlers reign. Animation was the perfect form of "advertisement" at the time because it was a new form of entertainment popular among the masses. Using popular media and recognizable characters means a big message was easily spread through a large amount of people quickly.

Here's Daffy's take on Hitler,
Here Daffy is shown as a follower of Hitler, heiling Hitler every time a missile goes through the production line. The line begins moving so fast that Daffy stumbles over his own words and essentially goes crazy. After an array of fireworks and abstract forms fly across the screen, Daffy jumps out of bed, out of a nightmare and prepares to heil Hitler once again until he sees his American flag curtains. He is then thankful to be an American citizen and proceeds to throw a tomato at Hitler's face.

Thinking about how I viewed Disney as a child in comparison towards Disney productions in the sense of propaganda is striking because it is portrayed as such a family industry. I would have never comprehended this as a child because it was directed towards adults at the time.


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